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Editing Editing

Taking care of the details

You know what it's like. The mounting panic as you glare at that huge document that has to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb, losing the will to live with every passing second.

Fear not!

If you have words that need to be checked — you've come to the right place. I can make those horrid editing tasks simply disappear from your overloaded plate.


Copyediting involves a friendly-yet-impartial set of eyes looking over your text, and suggesting improvements.

It includes things like fact-checking, making sure the formatting is consistent, and ensuring that your document reads well and adheres to any style guides that you have to follow. Do those URLs listed in your text actually work? Is that person's name spelt correctly? Are all the words in chapter titles in caps or not? Does that sentence even make sense?

Oh god, it's all so tedious.

Don't worry — I'll sort it all out, so you don't have to.

You send me your Word document — phew, one less thing to worry about — and I work on it, with Track Changes on, so you can see everything that I've done. And it's up to you to approve or reject my edits — so you still retain control over the final document, and which of my edits you choose to accept.


Proofs are the final print out of a document before it goes to print. So proofreading is the final final check of your document before you publish it online or in paper form. By this stage it's not only too late for major edits to the text — you're also heartily sick of the sight of the damn thing.

You don't even want to know whether the fonts for the captions consistent throughout the book. Do the page numbers in the table of contents match the actual pages they appear on? Honestly? Who cares? Is that word really spelt that way? Meh. Is that semi-colon in the right place? Are all the brackets properly paired? Oh god, make it stop.

Well, lucky for you, I do care about those nit-picky annoying things.

Hand the wretched thing over here, and get back to doing the things you actually enjoy.

So, contact me, and tell me all about it. And I'll make you a soothing cup of tea, then draw up an obligation-free quote for you to consider, and we can take it from there. I've got this, and will do a top-notch, professional job with your work. So you can relax.

Don't just take my word for it:

Our company is in the information management software field, and at the time we employed Denise we were working on a complex project for a large Commonwealth government agency. We engaged Denise as a technical writer with responsibility for editing and quality review of a broad range of documentary deliverables, including technical documents and specifications. The documents were often complex and difficult, and all were written according to an exacting quality standard.

Denise was able to adapt quickly to the unusual business and technical environment involved, and delivered editorial review and quality assurance with the required attention to detail and painstaking adherence to the quality standard. The project’s quality assurance regime was made more challenging by its dynamic nature, and Denise demonstrated her capacity to adapt to the constantly changing requirements. Her work was of a consistently high standard and efficiently executed, which was greatly appreciated given our compressed delivery timeframes where any rework put achievement of deadlines at risk.

On a personal level, Denise was easy to work with and helped us to maintain a sense of calmness and sanity in the pressured and draining environment in which we worked. She also proved to be flexible and adaptable to changing workplace requirements, which again was very welcome in view of the difficult circumstances.

I would recommend Denise for this sort of assignment without hesitation. — Chris Barrett

Denise joined the team to help edit and rewrite large amounts of content for a website redevelopment project. Her personal communication skills came to the fore, dealing sensitively with subject matter experts, to develop clear website content that was also technically accurate — a challenge. She worked closely with the web project team, and her bright cheerful manner was a bonus. I recommend Denise's work as a copywriter and editor. — Wendy Pang, Australian Government Attorney-General's Department

Denise is a massive asset for my business. It's very rare to find someone who has such a broad range of skills, from editing a document with a fine-tooth comb, wrangling an index to graphic design. With Denise, it's not just what she can do, but the way she goes about it. She's fun to work with, has a wicked sense of humour, and is ultra-professional. — Matt Fenwick, True North Writing


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