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Free Puzzles

Here is a collection of various puzzles I’ve written over the years. Some are for children, and others are suitable for adults. And a few odds and ends. All of the puzzles are PDF downloads.

You are welcome to use these puzzles in the classroom and at home, as long as my copyright notice is retained. If you wish to publish these puzzles commercially, please contact me.

If you wish, you can also download the complete collection of these puzzles: Denise’s Puzzle Collection

  • Animal Puzzles This PDF has two puzzles: an animal crossword has lots of animal clues, and an oceanic fit-in logic puzzle.

  • Archaeology Puzzle Sheet
 This puzzle sheet was written for National Archaeology Week in Australia, and is aimed at children aged about 9 and up.

  • Arty Crossword This crossword is all about art and artists.

  • Astronomy Word Search 
Discover the cosmos with this puzzle, perfect for high school science students and adults.

  • Aussie Crossword This is a small crossword with lots of Australian words.

  • Christmas Crossword The name says it all!

  • Delicious Puzzles This PDF has three word searches: a delicious word search, a recipes word search, and an Italian foods word search.

  • Gardener Crossword A difficult gardening and botany themed crossword, syndicated through Auspac Media.

  • German Crossword This puzzle is a German vocabulary crossword — the clues are in English, and the answers are in German.

  • Gourmet Crossword A challenging food, cooking, and wine themed crossword.

  • Indonesian Cross Quizzes Two cross quizzes about Indonesia.

  • Nixie Cryptic Crossword 1 One of my tricky cryptic crosswords for you to try

  • Nixie Cryptic Crossword 2 Another of my cryptics — if you like these, you can get them regularly through the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency

  • Primary School Puzzles This PDF has six puzzles: a maths word search and English verbs crossword for Grades 1-2; a science word search and national parks of Australia crossword for Grades 3-4; and an Italian crossword and Gold Rush word search for Grades 5-6.

  • Quick Break One of my popular ‘quick’ crosswords, as available through my syndicator, Auspac Media.

  • Secret Shape A Valentine’s Day puzzle. I invented the Secret Shape word search puzzle. It combines a regular word search with the fun of colouring in, to discover a hidden picture!

  • The Canberra Puzzle Book
    Federation Find-a-Word
    1960s Map Maze

  • The Junior Canberra Puzzle Book
    Capital Construction Muddle
    Railways Maze


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