Puzzles by Denise

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I have written puzzles for several decades. I have produced quite a few themed puzzle books for groups such as the RSCPA, the Royal Flying Doctors Service, and the Alice Springs School of the Air. My syndicated puzzles have appeared in publications around the world. I create everything from picture puzzles like mazes and dot-to-dots, to find-a-words, codes and cryptograms, and cryptic crosswords.

My work is syndicated through Auspac Media, and available at The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency.

You can find me over on Facebook, where I post cryptic clues to try out, and other puzzling and wordy stuff. Always happy to chat over there!


Secret Shapes, Volume 1

Secret Shape puzzles are word search puzzles with a difference (and an invention of mine, some years ago) — find all the words (and practice your spelling, but don't worry, it's painless), and then colour in the leftover squares to reveal a hidden picture. This PDF book costs less than a cup of coffee, you get an immediate download, and can print pages as needed. Winning! Head over to Lulu.com now to get your copy!

Here is a free sample of one of my Secret Shape puzzles to try out: Valentine's Day Secret Shape.


Crossword Fabric

This one's a bit weird — but I've designed Crossword fabriccryptic crossword fabric. You can get your very own over here at Spoonflower. You can choose the type of fabric and a bunch of other options. Make yourself a crossword pincushion, pillow, tie, skirt, or a whole crossword outfit! Can you imagine it? (Yeah, but maybe don't go with the whole outfit ...)


Free puzzles

Education and fun at the same time? Winning! You are welcome to download these puzzles and use them in the classroom, at home, or in not-for-profit newsletters. I have divided them into rough difficulty categories, but you will be the best judge of what you, your family, or students are able to enjoy. The easier level puzzles are also great for adults who are learning English.

And I see you science teachers! I've collected the science puzzles in one place for you, just below. This collection is being added to frequently, so bookmark this page. Answers for the puzzles are included in each PDF. All word search puzzles have been scanned for accidentally created rude or swear words, so they are safe for use in schools and home. No risk of sniggering because a naughty word was discovered in the letter grid!

If you wish to use any of these puzzles commercially, please contact me for licensing details.

The Science Collection

Easy puzzles

Medium puzzles

Hard puzzles