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QuartzClock was our first app, and it’s free! It is a simple clock with an alarm. It is designed to be easy to read in bed, without your glasses on. The colours change just by dragging your finger over the display. Works on iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

User tips

If you "Disable Auto-Lock" to stop the screen going blank, make sure your device is plugged into power to avoid draining the battery.

It's possible to Lock Orientation and Colours, so if you accidentally touch it while it's running, it doesn't change (this is all under the Settings tab). If the orientation isn't 'flipping' when you expect it should, please check the Lock Orientation in your general iDevice settings as well.

There are options to show the day of the week (multi-lingual!), show the date, and flash the time seperator dots.

To set the alarm, go to the Settings tabs, and switch on the Alarm option, and thense the time you're after and tap 'Set'.There should be a little bell icon and a countdown timer in the top right-hand corner of the clock face, so you know the alarm is working.

The alarm can be set to repeat once, or daily, at thesame time. There are four alarm sounds you can choose from.

It's not posible to set the LED screen option as the default setting, sorry.

April 2018 Some users have reported issues with the alarm on QuartzClock running on the latest iPhones. Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do about this, as it's an issue stemming from the iOS system and new hardware, and nothing we can alter in code. QuartzClock just tells the device to 'play a sound', that's it. You may be able to fix things by deleting and reinstalling the app, that's worked for some people. You can also try a hard reset, or turning your phone on and off again. (This is proving to be an issue with other apps that involve telling the device to 'play a sound', so we're not alone in this one!)

Please note that we are currently unable to continue developing this app, due to illness, so while you're welcome to send us feature suggestions, we're unlikely to be able to act on them any time soon.

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