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eValuator/eVx Calculator

Expression Evaluator is an OSX/iOS Universal Utility App

  • evX for iOS
  • eValuator for OSX

eVX/eValuator is a scientific calculation tool to quickly evaluate an arbitrary expression, using an algebraic form. You can combine a range of functions with up to six variables. The latest CODATA 2014 and IAU 2012 and 2015 fundamental and astronomical constants are included, and the user can elect to use c.g.s. units (common in astrophysics), or the more standard S.I. Units.

eValuator calculator

Easy to use:

  • Enter any algebraic expression, using any set of the variables, numbers, the operators and functions below, and any of the built-in constants
  • Optionally set up any of up to six variable values: x, y, z, t, a, or b
  • The expression is evaluated as you type, with the answer appearing at the top
  • There is no need for enter/return or equals buttons
  • Green indicates a valid expression and answer
  • The answer may be selected, copied, or shared as desired
  • Expressions, and any constants or notes, can be saved in the scrapbook memory system
eValuator calculator with split screen
eValuator calculator

eValuator is a free application for your Mac. It is designed as a floating utility window that can be allowed to float in front of all apps for easy access anywhere, or run as a normal window that drops into the background if desired. An auxiliary panel of keypads is given to help write expressions, although it can be operated entirely with the normal keyboard.

sp100cleaneValuator works with OS X 10.8 or newer, including OS X 10.11. eValuator is completely sandboxed, and does not access the network, or any key areas of the system.

eVX for iOS

eVX for iOS X is now available through the App Store. It is an adaptable small footprint app that works well with the new split screens in iOS9. A comprehensive custom keyboard allows rapid entry of any algebraic expression, and eVX also works well with any connected keyboards.

eVX works with iOS X 8.1 or newer including the latest iOS9 including the new iPhone 6s Plus and split screens on new iPads. It works on an iPhone 4s, but it is a bit of a squeeze, and eVX is designed for iPhone 5s or larger iPhones, and all iPads that support iOS 8.1 or 9.0.

eVX/eValuator are both completely standalone, and do not access the network.

eVx calculator eVx calculator
eVx calculator eVx calculator

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